Never Far


I am never far from a device. What would I do without them?

A number of years ago while at a retreat, I had to take my turn washing dishes for the campers. But, this rustic kitchen had a really unusual dishwashing machine, a one-of-a-kind invention. I looked at it, sighed, and started searching for a way to wash things by hand. I didn’t know how to use it—and, to be honest, I had gotten used to asking other people to deal with technology and machines that I didn’t know how to use.

However, something stopped me that day from filling that sink with water and soap. I remembered how good it was for my brain to solve puzzles. To challenge oneself, especially with things new and outside the norm, helps the brain stay young at every age.

From that moment on, I have tried to keep myself from ever being that lazy, fearful wimp who didn’t even try to problem solve. I can do more than I thought. And I’ve learned that I love a challenge.

So I am never far from my devices.