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Susan W LaVelle, Resume
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Let’s Try Kindness (letstrykindness.info)

“A blog to encourage people to try to act more kindly in the public and private spheres.”

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About this site: “The point is to turn our personal and national attention on to helpfulness, kindness, and meeting needs for people around us.” (letstrykindness.info)

Information Design (ID) (informationdesigninfo.com)

“Information designers use organization and structure to communicate information clearly and unambiguously to an intended audience, who will then access, absorb, and use the information.”

(ID) Information Design Blog

Website content, blogging, design (http://informationdesigninfo.com)

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House of Charity (houseofcharity.org)

“Join us in our mission to feed those in need, house those experiencing homelessness and empower individuals to achieve independence.”

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Website content, blogging, design, usability (houseofcharity.org)

Threshold Technology, Inc. (thresholdtechnologyinc.com)

TTI specializes in prototype assembly—high quality assembly of printed circuit board prototypes. “

Website and logo design, writing content (http://thresholdtechnologyinc.com)

Website and logo design, content management, writing (http://thresholdtechnologyinc.com)

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